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 What is Growing Younger Gracefully?

Growing Younger Gracefully is an attitude, a mindfulness, an adjustment, a perception, a motivator, an instruction, a program, a commitment, and a celebration. As we gather years of experience, wisdom and adventure, we become either enchanted with who we've become and excited about every day or we sit in the story of regret for what we haven't done, can't do, and won't ever do because of our age. Let's create and live the story of joyfulness that vitality is ours for for asking with some simple attention to our body, our mind and our spirit.

Growing Younger Gracefully is all about how you want to live your life after 50. You are fabulous...let me show you how. Join me for a chat, a walk, a cup of tea and we can have a conversation about living a more vibrant and celebrated life, right now.

STOP Anti-Aging and Grow Younger Gracefully

I am not a fan of the term anti-aging. It is feels like fear, loss, regret, and chasing something that just doesn't exist.

Products and services aimed at the eager 'anti-aging' population completely dishonors and casts a shadow on a very positive situation. We aren't dead, so we are fortunate enough to add years to our lives. Do we want to be last year or last decade in our thoughts, our treasures, and our wisdom? I think not.

I would like to start the mind-set that we are pro-aging! Bring it on! Give me a long and vibrant life! Join me in celebrating the movement to Grow Younger Gracefully. Growing older diminishes us, growing younger expands all that we are and the new beginnings constantly available. We not against growing older, we are against the lens that says growing older is bad. We are growing younger and BETTER!

Join me for a few minutes of "Just For You" - phone call, a Skype, a walk or a cup of tea. Let's talk about how you can Grow Younger Gracefully.

Grow Younger Tip – Don't Worry Be Present

Grow Younger Gracefully by being present and celebrating Who You Are Right Now:

Staying vibrant is being right here, right now. As we experience each new moment, we can increase our vitality. 98% of people spend 98% of their time thinking about things that just don't matter.


ANTI Anti-aging.....Let's age well and joyously


The anti-aging marketing of products and services has a clear message that aging is not OK. We managed got to this age through years of experience. Hurrah for you and me! Read more at

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