Acknowlegements and  Last Thoughts


I wish to express my extreme gratitude to all who have supported, encouraged, and inspired me. 

My sister, Susie, who has always been my inspiration, source of knowledge, and my lifelong guide in creating healthy rituals. 

My dearest buddy Kaiya, who always saw in me a spark that she nurtured throughout our friendship. 

My enormous thanks to Jane Lakatos, Judy DesPres, Susan Stone, Jean Fogel and Michele Tamarin for their advice, friendship, and proofreading. 

Thanks to Jared, Karleen, and Staci for listening, advising, and supporting me. 

A huge thank you to my treasured tribes: my Artist Way colleagues Karin, Devorah, Kathie, and Laura, as well as my beloved CSH sisters. 

In deep appreciation for those special beings, my grandchildren, Hadley, Drew, Myles, Max, and Spencer, who make Growing Younger Gracefully so important to me. 

Most of all, infinite adoration and gratitude to my loving husband, Phil, who is always present in love and support. 


Last Thoughts 

Take GOOD care of yourself. 

Self-care is about eating right, moving, smiling, and making choices that support your well-being. Look at your daily routines, habits, and choices; write down your daily activities for a day or two (or more). What do you have to do? What do you want to do? What will bring you joy? What gives you stress? What changes will enhance your well-being? Create your own road map to a joyful life. 

Enjoy all of life’s gifts. Be grateful. Meet your life with curiosity.

Grow Younger Gracefully!

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