Ten Tips for Growing Younger Gracefully


1. Be Present: As Deepak Chopra says: “There is only now,. everything else is in your imagination.”


2. Take a Breath:

•Abdominal - inhale to fill belly for 4, hold the breath for 4 exhale to empty 8

•Cooling - Curl your tongue

•Warming - Mouth closed

•Closed left nostril - Calming/Closed right nostril - Energizing


3. Move: A vibrant body can be attained at any age with gentle, safe, and effective movements for health of joints, muscles, spine, and balance.

•Move your joints in circular movements to keep them lubricated and flexible


4.Nourish: Food is medicine. Medicine is food.You are what you eat.

•Eat a plant based, alkaline diet

•Biggest meal at lunch

•Don’t eat after 8pm

•Nourish with green juice, probiotics, water, and veggies


5.Speak Kindly to Yourself:

•17 seconds - keep any negative thoughts to 16 seconds or less and positive to 17 second or more

•First and last 5 minutes of the day-  Loving, grateful, and only positive thoughts

•Look in the mirror and say “I Love You!”


6.Facial accupressure

•Love your face with massage


7.Seek Happiness

•Spend your time doing what  makes your happiest

•Your thoughts are the seed of all body, mind and spiritual well-being


8.Healthy products

•Baking soda, vinegar, and salt for household cleaning

•Cocoanut oil, honey, grapeseed oil for face and body

•Essential oils


9.Brain plasticity

•Create new pathways by learning something new 

• Energy Tapping is tapping on acupressure points while saying simple affirmations

•Socialize and connect


10. Meditation -  Begin with 3 minutes and works towards 20 of being still, allowing thought to pass without ‘sticking’ and focusing on your breath, your heartbeat, or whatever brings you stillness. Feel your body, free your mind.



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