Alkaline/Acid And Balancing Your Well-Being


Alkaline and Acid in Your Nourishment
Do you feel sluggish, experience digestive issues, weight gain, or suffer from inflammation anywhere?

You might want to explore your Alkaline/Acid balance.  The types of foods you eat affect your body's pH level. Eating foods that are too acidic can have a negative and inflammatory impact on overall health. Nourishing with foods that are alkaline tends to balance your system. The problem is not that we’re eating acidic foods, it’s that we are eating more acidic foods.

Your body is always adjusting to maintain a balance between the acid and alkaline levels. Disease thrives in an acidic state and is less likely in an alkaline state. Maintaining a balance of 75 percent alkaline foods and 25 percent acidic foods is ideal. Alkaline nourishment is plant based, whole fruits and vegetables and certain whole grains. Acidic foods are meats, dairy, coffee, alcohol, processed foods, and everything with sugar.

Just like everything else, finding and maintaining a balance results in your overall well-being. If your body is too acidic, you will experience lots of inflammation. If your body is too alkaline, your nervous system becomes hypersensitive.

Top 5 Alkaline foods to eat more of:

- Green veggies
- Lemons, limes, and grapefruits (have an alkalizing effect)
- Root veggies
- Sprouts
- Avocados


Top 5 Acid foods to eat less of:
- Alcohol 
- Animal protein 
- Heavily processed food (even organic) 
- Refined grains such as pasta, rice, and white bread - 
- Coffee 

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