Ditch The Ice!

Even though it may be very warm outside, please keep ice away from your digestive 'fire!'

Your beautiful digestive system is always ready to work for you, but you need to help out.  When you sit down to eat in a restaurant, the first thing you are served is a tall glass of ice water. BUT, just as you are ready to dine on delicious cuisine, you are putting out your digestive fire with that ice water. Now, your entire digestive system has been literally dampened, and your beautiful meal is blocked from ease of digestibility.

At home, notice how much better you feel and your thirst more satiated  when you drink room temperature water. While hydrating is important, icy hydration is just not beneficial to your system.

“Agni”  in Sanskrit means “digestive fire,” the bodily mechanisms and enzymes involved in digestion. “Ama” in Sanskrit means toxins that develop from poor digestion. Simply put, cold beverages extinguish agni, and promote ama.

Keep your digestive fires burning and drink water only room temperature.




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