Being aware of how you combine your nourishment can have a huge impact on how you feel.  When your digestive system is off, when you experience indigestion and/or inflammation, or if you just feel sluggish, how you combine your foods can be key.

Digestive enzymes secreted for proteins, starches, and fruits can negate or inflame each other. What happens in your digestive organs is important AND can be the key to long-term health!

Here are a few guidelines for delivering delicious and easily digestible nourishment to your beautiful body....

  •     Eat fruits alone one to two hours before or after other foods.
  •     Starches combine best with veggies.
  •     Proteins combine best with veggies.
  •     Proteins and starches DO NOT combine well.
  •     Protein and fruit DO NOT combine well.
  •     Veggies go with EVERYTHING!


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