Keep Your Spine Supple

*Your Beautiful Spine *
When you have a few minutes anywhere, anytime of the day, gently move your spine in six directions; round/arch; side-to-side; twist left and right. By moving your spine you will have greater mobility, more stability, increased lung capacity, and healthier shoulders, to name a few.

Repeat each of these movement for seven times (the sacred number) or as many times as is comfortable at your own pace. Incorporate an easy breath inhaling and exhaling in a smooth rhythm.
When standing, always keep a comfortable bend in your knees and a relaxed neck.

You can do these seated as well and are a great way to take a break from your computer posture.

  • Place your hands comfortably on your hips. Round your spine by pulling in your belly and dropping your chin. Then arch your spine forward to lift your heart.

  • With hands on hips or overhead, move your upper body to the left and to the right.

  • Drop your arms and swing them to the left and to the right, twisting the spine in both directions.

These movements can take as little as 3-4 minutes
and the benefits are immediate and amazing.

You will loosen your spine to create space and ease of movement all day.


You can make this your daily habit if you are committed to the practice for just 30 days. Then moving your spine will simply be one of your daily rituals to
Growing Younger Gracefully.



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