Supple joints support lifelong

flexibility, balance, and vitality at every age.


TOES: Wiggle each toe side to side, back and forth, weave fingers between toes, stretch toes forward and backwards.


FEET: Point and flex, Spread and squeeze toes


ANKLES: Circle ankles each direction 5 times


KNEES: Bend knee inhale, extend exhale; Bend knee inhale, extend leg hold, lower leg exhale; With bend knee circle lower leg each direction 5 times


HIPS: With leg cradled in arms, side to side and back and forth. With same hand as leg bent, hold under thigh and circle whole leg in each direction; place bent leg down and pulse 20 times with hand on thigh


SPINE: Bent knee ‘churning' circles, easy sitting pose stretch side to side, back and forth, easy twists; Rock and roll up and down spine


SHOULDERS:  Circle each direction, up and down, back and forth


ELBOWS: Bend arms with hands in fists, straighten arms with hands spread


WRISTS: Flex fingers up and point fingers down; operand shut hands, with thumb tucked inside hands circle fists in either direction


FINGERS: Quick open and close, open hand slowly one finger at at time; press finger tips together for 25 pulses


NECK: Circle in each direction, look left and hold, look right and hold, ear to shoulder on each side


BALANCE: Balance on one leg, then the other every day

Enjoy Positive Aging at Every Age     


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