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When you look in the mirror Is the beautiful face looking back at you radiant  and glowing.... GYG Organic Facial and Body Serums can be just what you need!

GYG SERUMS deeply hydrate and nourish dry, flaky, rough skin on your face and body that can result from seasonal changes, air conditioning, frosty air, over heated rooms, and the dry air that surrounds us. GYG Serums deeply absorb, penetrate, and release a calming and delightful scent.

When you look in the mirror, is the face looking back radiant and glowing? Get your GYG GLOW today!

Special Offer for GYG Serum Clients
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

As a valued GYG Organic Facial and Body Serums client, you are invited to this special offer: Get the first copies of my newly published book, Growing Younger Gracefully: Your Guide to Aging with Vitality, Resilience, and Pizzazz for $10 (regular price $16) with ANY size order of any GYG Serum.

GYG Book and Serums
GYG Organic Facial Serum
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

GYG Organic Facial Serum hydrates, nourishes, brightens, tones, deeply and quickly absorbs to give you the GYG GLOW! Hand crafted and blessed and containing a unique formula of the organic oils of grapeseed, vitamin E, frankincense, lavender, helichrysum, and rose.

GYG Organic Facial Serum
*NEW* GYG Organic BODY Serum
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Growing Younger Gracefully Body Serum is blessed and hand crafted with all organic oils of grapeseed, vitamin E, coconut, lavender and rose. Get your GYG GLOW! Body lotions sit on top of your skin, GYG BODY SERUM absorbs into your skin to nourish, heal, and hydrate.

GYG Organic Body Serum

 GYG SERUMS GIFT SET (15% discount)

GYG Organic Facial and GYG Organic Body Serum

Buy  your gift sets...

one for you and a few for those who deserve the unique

GYG GLOW on Face and Body....

GYG GLOW Gift Sets
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Give the GYG GLOW Gift Set to the faces you adore.


A portion of each  Growing Younger Gracefully Organic Facial Serum will be donated to The Women's Fund,  a community of woman, families, and businesses dedicated to creating social change for women and girls in need and at risk.

Growing Younger Gracefully is all about looking and feeling your best. I have developed my own facial,

and now, body serum and they are fantastic.


Most serums have too many ingredients and too many artificial chemicals. I researched and experimented with the benefits of serum and various ingredients. Both my husband (who has very sensitive skin) and I use ot for several weeks and we immediately saw and felt that our skin was nourished, clean, and ideally hydrated.


My lovely daughter-in-law, Karleen, used it and has encouraged me to bring it to the world.

Each bottle of GYG Organic Facial Serum and GYGOrganic Body Serum is blessed,and hand-crafted from my unique formula. These serums contain no additives or preservatives, just organic ingredients and a touch of love! 


Enjoy your GLOW!


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