GYG Organic Body Serum

GYG Organic Body Serum nourishes your whole body by absorbing the organic and nourishing oils. Your skin will feel and look simply fabulous.....

GYG Organic Body Serum

For the past year, I have crafted and offered GYG Organic Facial Serum, and the responses are glowing…both in their reviews and on their faces. GYG-GLOWERS (as I lovingly refer to my clients) have asked for more. I have had numerous requests for a body serum. I found that the lotions I have used, all natural organic, etc, were a bit heavy and stayed on top of my skin, rather than were absorbed. With research, experimentation, and guidance, I have now developed (drum roll please…) GYG Organic Body Serum! 


GYG Organic Body Serum offers a concentrated, light moisturizer with active ingredients to keep your skin hydrated while improving tone and texture. Most moisturizers sit on the skin. GYG Organic Body Serum absorbs into the skin bringing nourishing, organic oils that quickly penetrate skin to hydrate, heal, and tone.


GYG Organic Body Serum unique formula contains organic oils of Grapeseed, Coconut, Vitamin E, Rose, and Lavender.


  • GRAPE SEED OIL: Rich in beta-carotene, and vitamins D, C and E , packed with fatty acids, and doesn’t clog pores.


  • VITAMIN E OIL: Promotes collagen formation and mitigates the effects of free radicals, helps maintain firm and toned skin.


  • COCONUT OIL: Moisturizing, strengthens skin tissue, eliminates dead skin cells, absorbs quickly, and is both antiviral and anti-fungal.


  • ROSE OIL: Anti-inflammatory agent and tissue regenerator loaded with therapeutic benefits for the skin. Diminishes redness, calms inflammation, and moisturizes.


  • LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: Powerful anti-oxidant removes free radicals, increases circulation bringing nutrients to the skin, and calming.


GYG Serums are unique formulas that are natural, organic, individually hand-crafted, and blessed applications for your skin to GLOW! 

GYG Serums hydrate, tone, brighten and nourish for beautiful skin at every age. 


You are never too young or too old to wear a





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