I have been interested, studying, and been devoted to the notion of aging with joy, grace, vitality, and resilience because......I am aging.


One of the elements that has really caught my attention is what are the best products, not just the most heavily advertised. I became interested in serums because I really didn't like the look, the feel, the artificial and unpronounceable ingredients, and the high cost of most moisturizers. I started learning about facial serums, how they absorb and penetrate, do not sit on top of the skin.  I also like the idea of making things myself!  


So  I began making GYG Organic Facial Serum,have been encouraged my beautiful daughter-in-law Karleen to bring it to the world, and it has been very well received. Then I thought, if this is good for my face, and those of others,  how would it be on my whole body?  I really don't like how heavy, white body lotions and moisturizers just sit on my skin and I have to wait until they dry before I can  get dressed. So...I created my GYG Organic Body Serum! It is light, fragrant, healing, hydrating, and quickly absorbed


To make both serums, I create a sacred space in my office/sanctuary/ laboratory.I close my door. I light a special, beautiful candle. I burn wonderful scented incense. I put on soothing sound healing music. I measure the delicate organic oils according to my proprietary formula. Then, I create a very sacred moment to bless each bottle that it may bring pleasure, joy, calm, beauty, and a GLOW to all who use it. From there, I pour each bottle, affix the label, and assemble the presentation of the insert card and the mesh bag. I really love this process and I believe that each bottle holds LOVE, just what I tell my grandchildren is the secret ingredient in what I cook for them,,,,,


I hope these Growing Younger Gracefully Organic Facial and Body Serums bring you  joy and  your GYG GLOW!






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