About Growing Younger Gracefully and Sheena Nancy Sarles


Growing Younger Gracefully is my exploration into the joys, challenges, and resilience of aging and well-being. 


My career began as an elementary school teacher, then as mother of two boys. I was then drawn  to the business world of public relations and fundraising for over twenty years.


II have always been active as an athlete, dancer, and then yoga. From each of these interests, travel to Bali, and meeting my own challenges, I began to devote more time to healing and maintaining my vitality.  I now eagerly and passionatley share my  studies and practices.


,I am a certified yoga teacher, developer of GYG Organic Facial Serum, a holistic health and aging coach, and creator of Yoga for Living with Loss,navigating grief througtithe physical and spiritual practice of yoga.


II live in Marblehead, MA with my husband and am the proud mother of two fantastic sons, two lovely daughters-in-saw, and grandmother of five brilliant and fantastic grandchildren.  


II love to bike, sail, cook, write, meditate, and appreciate of  all of life's gifts each day.


I am currently writing "365 Tips and Tools for Growing Younger Gracefully" to be published in the Spring of 2017 and the author of "GYG Tip of the Moment Newsletter.

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