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Growing Younger Gracefully is my curation of the various elements that offer well-being at any age and at every age. We actually can enhance our well-being, or as I like to say ‘grow younger gracefully’ with a commitment to the pillars of well-being: nourishment, movement and attitude. Each relies upon the other, yet each holds great significance independently. 

Holistic Health Coaching 

Intgrate  the elements of Growing Younger Gracefully to meet your lifestyle goals.


 Riki Energy Treatment


 A Reiki treatment can help ease tension and stress and support your body to create an environment of healing on all levels...physical, mental, and emotional. A session is pleasant, relaxing, and the path to self healing. For information and appointments, contact Sheena at


Yoga for Living with Loss


Yoga for Living with Loss supports grieving as an on-going process. Gentle yoga  provides the support for body, mind, and spirit in navigating how we live from moment to moment, day to day, with our deep losses.



Growing Younger Gracefully: Aging with Pizzazz and Resilience


Are you interested in this aging thing.....and how to enjoy it more?? I definitely am and have learned a few things I'd love to share. I will be offering my workshop Growing Younger Gracefully: Aging with Pizzazz and Resilience on Friday June 16th from 6:30-8:30pm at Green Tea Yoga, 10 Colonial Road, Salem, (off Jefferson Ave. across from the rear of Salem Hospital.)


Through my study, practice, and my own daily aging, I have curated many tips for aging with joy and a smile. We will explore how our body, mind, and spirit can support these transitions through movement (not exercise), nourishment (not diet), self-talk, facial acupressure, breath, meditation, social connections, and more. I like to refer to this ANTI-anti-aging, since anti-aging is all the rage! Let’s age and enjoy it!

Upcoming Events:  

Please join me for classes and workshops:


- Wed.Nov. 29th Wed. 6:30-8:00m, The Moon and the Mat, Beverly, MA, Growing Younger Gracefully  MORE INFO HERE


- Tuesdays through Dec. 5th 6-7pm,  CareDimensions: Yoga for Living with Loss  Danvers, MA. MORE INFO HERE

-April 2-8,2018: Bali Sprit Festival, Ubud, Indonesia Growing Younger Gracefully & Yoga for Living with Loss MORE INFO HERE


Updates for yoga classes I am leading are posted on my GYG Facebook page and GYG​Twitter.

For private classes, workshops, and speaking opportunities, please contact me at:

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