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About Yoga for Living with Loss

Feature published in Elephant Journal


Yoga for Living with Loss

is a 60-minute very gentle yoga class that supports grieving as an on-going process with care in a safe and comforting environment.

 Yoga for Living with Loss supports body, mind, and spirit in navigating how we live from moment as well as day to day, with our deep losses. Grief happens as much in our bodies as in our hearts and minds. As we breathe with mindfulness, as we move with awareness, as we stay connected to the present, we can learn how to cherish our memories, acknowledge our pain, and release grief that can stay trapped in our physical bodies.


Yoga for Living with Loss connects us to our bodies so that we can maintain our well-being  as we continue to live, and even thrive, while embracing our losses. No yoga experience necessary.



My personal experience of

Living with My Losses....

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